Custom Database Connection & auth0 login form

I set up a custom database connection to connect auth0 to my user database. But I don’t get how to tell the auth0 login form to use this to log the user in. It doesn’t seem to know about the custom database connection.

How can I do that ?


Hi @fabienChn

You must enable the connection for the app/client that is being used to log in. If that is the only client enabled, it will be used for the authentication.


Hi @john.gateley

Yes that’s exactly what I want to do, but how do I do that ? I can’t find how to do this

GO to your dashboard, click on hooks, and create a Client Credentials hook. It will create one with lots of sample code to help you out.


I just want to connect/sync the auth0/login form to the custom database connection code, I don’t think hooks have something to with this

I’m sorry, I confused your thread with another one I was replying to.

Go to your client (under Applications) in the dashboard. There is a section “Connections” under that you can enable and disable connections.


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No problem haha

I only have Quick Start, Settings & Apis. There’s no Connections section

Hmm… go to your Custom DB page in the dashboard and try the “Applications” section, you can enable it there.


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Hey John, thank you very much, this worked !

So now I can submit the form but it returns me the following error:

invalid_grant: Invalid authorization code {“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“Invalid authorization code”}

Any idea what this means ?

Thank you

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