Custom Connection redirect url search params

Hey all,

I am trying to create a Custom QuickBooks Connection. The users would be able to authenticate with QuickBooks and then grant access to a specific QuickBooks company. Then all API requests should contain the id of this company. So for example, if I want to get more info about an account I would make a request similar to{{companyid}}/account

The value of {{companyId}} is supposed to come as a search parameter of the OAuth redirect URL.
So can I somehow get the search params of the redirect URL so that I can store them somewhere? Should they come as parameters to the script that I wrote in the “Fetch User Profile Script” step?

I’m afraid the parameters passed to the fetch user profile script will be the access token and an additional parameter that will contain a subset of the response parameters returned by the identity provider as part of the token endpoint exchange.

In other words, if QuickBooks returned the company ID as part of the token endpoint response this could be doable, but if it’s only returning that information as part of the redirect URL itself I don’t believe this would be doable as those parameters are not surfaced.