Custom classic universal login script configuration

I’ve got a bunch of different environments (e.g. staging, production, etc). I would like to use exactly the same html/javascript page across those environments and have only the “configuration” values differ between environments. The Rules feature offered the “configuration” object. Is that (or similar) available to login scripts?

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No, you can’t have different Universal Login pages in the same tenant. We recommend that you create different tenants to host different environments. The “configuration” object does not exist for Universal Login pages.

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Obviously I wasn’t clear. I have multiple tenants and am quite happy with that. I could like to populate each of those tenants with exactly the same login page source (which I obviously can - and do now).

My question is: is there a way to store per-tenant configuration data so it is accessible to the login script?

That is, I see this in the sample login script:
var config = JSON.parse(
decodeURIComponent( escape( window.atob( “@@config@@” ) ) ),

Do I have access store information in that @@config@@ object?

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Unfortunately, you won’t have access to that object because it is internal information by default.

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