Custom classic universal login page for specific application


I am looking to do two things: Disable signup and add text underneath the classic universal login

  1. My company has multiple web apps and native apps that we manage using terraform and auth0. There was request to add a custom terms of service and privacy policy sentence with embedded links, i.e. “By logging in you agree to our Terms of use (link) and Privacy Policy (link)” to one of our app’s login pages, but I only want to do this for a specific native application (client id). Is this something that’s possible to do? Perhaps, enable for this app only and hide it from other clientIds?

I see that the customization is here: Classic Universal Login Experience, but I am not sure if this can be hidden from other apps.

  1. I’d like also like to disable signups for this clientId as well using terraform or the dashboard. I see that it’s possible here:

If I use the dashboard, does it disable for this specific clientId only?

And here’s some example code I found for terraform:

resource “auth0_connection” {
client_id = “enter client id here”

options {
disable_signup = true

Is this the correct way to do this in terraform? Thank you