Current Auth0 e-mail validation

Hey, I found this topic: Email validation rules, please make them public knowledge

I currently need to equalise e-mail validation between two of our products. One of those products is using the Auth0 e-mail validation.
From the linked topic I found, that Auth0 uses validator.js.

However, I checked the code of the validator method, and I found that it uses some optional parameters, with default values: validator.js/isEmail.js at a31c116b2a2dc85f469d185acc4e853a2f61fceb · validatorjs/validator.js · GitHub

I’d like to be certain that our product implements the same rules for compatibility reasons.
Would it be possible to share info if Auth0 validation uses the default values? Or are there any custom parameters used?
Additionally, from what I can see, some of the options are not specified directly in the params, like domain_specific_validation (applied e.g. to gmail) and options.allow_ip_domain ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey, is there any chance for a reply? :slight_smile:

We’re still unsure if our validation approach is valid :frowning: