Create a password change ticket issue


When I try to create a password change ticket… i get the following BadRequest messagge:

BadRequest(Bad Request)-{“statusCode”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“Payload validation error: ‘Additional properties not allowed: includeEmailInRedirect,mark_email_as_verified,ttl_sec,email,connection_id,client_id,user_id,result_url (consider storing them in app_metadata or user_metadata. See “Users Metadata” in Past Migrations for more details)’.”,“errorCode”:“invalid_body”

I followed documentation like in the attached picture

Hi @gianluca.biasini

It is hard to debug this without the actual call to the management API. Can you post that?

At a guess though, see the docs here:

You do not specify ALL fields, only some of them, and you have to be careful with that.


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