Content length is missing

We are not getting content length header in token response in one of our tenants. I tested all other tenants with similar configuration and they are working fine.

Anyone has faced such an issue ?

I don’t recall ever going through that exact experience and did a quick test now through token endpoint (for a resource owner password credentials grant) and the header in question was present in the response.

Can you provide a sample cURL representative of the HTTP request for which you do not receive the header? You can redact certain information like tenant name, client and user information, although, you should redact with fake values that maintain the same semantics of the value instead of simply removing them.

I am not able to recreate it now. The change we recently made is to create a custom domain. Earlier we were using auth0 domain. So I guess this is now can be closed.

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Gotchya! Thanks for letting us know!