CONNECTION_NOT_FOUND error during Bulk user import

Problem Statement

We received an error when using the bulk import job.

"message": "The provided connection is not present on user <user>"


The CONNECTION_NOT_FOUND error is returned if the user is in the broken state (aka orphan user, ghost user) i.e. there is an applicationUser but no user profile.


If the affected users are confirmed to be orphan users, there are two methods to fix this problem:

  • Please delete the orphan users via the “Delete a connection user” endpoint of management API:
    Auth0 Management API v2
    This method applies if there are only a few orphan users.

  • Enable the flag import_user_repair_orphaned_users. It will automatically deletes the orphan user and does a regular user insertion. Please reach out to the Support team if you want to enable this flag.