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Hi, I’m new in Auth0 and the api process is not clear to me. I’ve an app write in Flutter and backend in asp net core Api. I’ve create and configurate an Aspnet Core Api correctly and add API from Auth0 portals (APIs) and with test data and postman the authorization work correctly. In my flutter app I’ve installed plugin and read this tutorial(Get Started with Flutter Authentication). In Auth0 panel I’ve create an a Native application and the flutter login work correctly but with this login access token the api on Aspnet Core are not authorized. The question is how to grant the user create in auth0 to access to my api? thanks

Hi @stefano.hamelin

Make sure you request an access token with the proper audience - the audience for your asp net core API.


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I wrote a note about that specific scenario some time ago.

Getting an Access Token from Auth0 in Flutter


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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!