Clarification about HTTPS requirement

We are trying to troubleshoot our setup and my devops team is asking why we are able to call Auth0 from http locally and don’t need https but when deployed we get an error if we aren’t on a secure https connection. I’m assuming that this is because Auth0 makes an exception for localhost to the requirement for a secure channel but I wanted to confirm.




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Could you please give us more information about this issue? (a screenshot or a error message would be helpful).

Thank you.

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I’m just looking for clarification on how https is handled for localhost. As I said above Auth0 requires https for non localhost host but doesn’t seem to require https for localhost. I wanted to confirm that this is how the system works. I’m not seeing that in the documentation.

Oh and hi Lucas and thanks so much for your help!

Where are you getting the error? That would be helpful so we can give you a proper response.


Auth0 will show you an error if you try and authenticate from a host that (1) isn’t on https and (2) isn’t localhost. The error indicates that you must use https.