checkSession return "login_required" if using Lock 10


I’m having a bunch of problems implementing silent authentication in electron angular application.

I switched from Lock 10 to Lock 11 ( v11.20.3 )

  • checkSession from auth0-js SDK works
  • redirect in electron production build doesn’t work because of file:/// protocol

If I revert to Lock 10 ( v10.24.3 )

  • checkSession doesn’t work and it return error "login_required’
  • redirect after login in production build works on file:/// protocol

So the easiest solution for me would be if I can make that session is added on Auth0 side if user is logged in with lock 10. I really don’t know why it isn’t and I can’t find it documented anywhere.


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Hey there Haris!

Terribly sorry to hear that! In order to handle that most effectively, which means in this case with tool maintainers can I ask you to provide this context along with raising a GitHub issue in Lock repo and then sharing the link here so we you can work with them directly and that we can ping them to look at it? Thank you!

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Ping ping :slight_smile: Have you had a chance to see my previous message?