Change domain name -> export/import users


I understand it is not possible to change the domain name of a tenant.

However, my company changed name and I need to update the Auth0 domain to the new domain.

I understand the recommended way is to go through: . But then, I understand passwords are not migrated, and so users won’t be able to connect unless they re-set a password.

This would be a major pain for my user base.

Is there a way to avoid this pain?

Hey there @Mic!

Let me research the field for you and get back to you with an answer soon!

Could you do this with lazy migration? Point the custom DB scripts in the new tenant at the old tenant? Just thinking out loud … I haven’t tried this or investigated it.

Probably not helpful but you could use the old tenant as an IdP for the new tenant.

Interesting. Then, in the long run, the new tenant takes over when a user logs in, or the old tenant needs to stay up for eternity?

I haven’t tested these so, keeping that in mind: In the IdP model the old tenant would likely need to stay around ‘forever’. This is probably not a good model!

If the custom DB model works (I have no idea if you can point the new tenant at the old this way … we do it with an old LDAP server but I haven’t tried pointing at another tenant’s Mgmt API) then you would need to keep the old tenant until you are comfortable that all you active users have migrated. That could be ‘forever’ as well. Depending on your requirements you might be able to put a time limit on it and shut down the old tenant after that.