Centralize the addition of users in one WordPress install when signing up from Auth0?

I have 3 WordPress installs that are configured as separate applications using a single database. All of these installs have registration turned off with auto provisioning turned on. I want to allow my users to register themselves from the Auth0 login screen on whichever site they hit as they come in.

If they go to the library page first, then they should be able to sign up there. If they hit the directory first, they should be able to sign up there. The problem is that if they go to the library and sign up, their WordPress user is created in the library site – and I want ALL users to be in the directory site. I don’t want to split users up between 3 sites.

How do I make sure new signups don’t go to whatever site the user hit first and make sure they all go to the main WP install?

Edited to add: I also just realized that my plan of just turning off registrations and registering everyone manually won’t work because the user gets attached to whatever site they log into first.