Cant enter to auth0 login page after context.redirect if user email not verified

I have this rule - redirects user to my angular app sign-up page if user email is not verified

function emailVerified(user, context, callback) {

if (!user.email_verified) {

context.redirect = {

url: “http://localhost:3000/sign-up?verified=false”


return callback(null, user, context);

} else {

return callback(null, user, context);



and when I am already on my angular sign-up page (after rule redirection) - I have button - sign in, when click - execute next function:

login(redirectPath: string = ‘/’) {

this.auth0Client$.subscribe((client: Auth0Client) => {


redirect_uri: ${window.location.origin},

appState: { target: redirectPath }




it was taken from your angular spa tutorial

problem: it does not redirect me to login page, it redirects me into context.redirect. why? how I can enter to login page?

for example, I try to login and user email is not verified. OK. I have another user with which I want to sign in, but I cant enter login page.