Can't edit password reset email

Hi there,

I’m testing password reset feature in universal login.

There is three things I have to achieve, customize reset page, customize reset email, and redirect back to app.

I’m done with customize reset page. But when I’m editing, EMAIL>Template>Change Password, It’s didn’t work. It seems that email sent from you are not the same file as the template. Is there anything I’m misunderstanding?

plz help, our products are meeting the deadline soon :frowning: frowning:

Hello @hancort.chu,

Have you set up a 3rd party email service provider? This is required before you can use customized email templates.

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Hi @markd,

After I setup provider in EMAIL section, every time I triggered “forget password” in universal login or “Call API dbconnections/change_password” I’m still sending DEFAULT APP instead of my on app. Anything I forget to setup?

My Bad, setup on the wrong tanent.

But another problem occurred, I could not redirect back to my app, after I finished “change password”.
I have setup Allow call back url. It works on “Verification email” part.

THX for helping

You’ve put the URL for your app in the “redirect to” box for the change password template, but you are not being redirected to your app after clicking a password reset email?

Can you record a HAR file of the process? That might help troubleshooting.