Cannot see tenant in support center

Hi! I have 2 tenants, one for dev and one for prod. I wan to move my prod tenant to production mode. But when I go to support center, I only see my dev tenant and cannot see the second tenant

Hey @safetyintypes, Welcome to the Auth0 community!

Can you DM me your tenant names and tenant admin email, to check, also are the tenants under same subscription? If not you might need to change the subscription as well to see the other tenant.

Please let me know.


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I DM’d you yesterday. Both are in the same account

@sidharth.chaudhary for visibility

Hey @safetyintypes , I have replied to you via DM, please have a look and let me know.

Hey there!

I’ve been tackling the same issue for other users as well and it seems that the issue should be resolved and they were able to eventually see their tenants. Can you check now?

For me it’s related to a free trial that starts when you create a new tenant for prod after testing in dev for some time. In the support portal, the plans for Dev and for Prod tenants will show up separately, with Dev selected by default. This switch is not very intuitive and I missed it despite carefully studying the UI.

Maybe it’s resolves for other people over time because free trial eventually expires

Gotchya maybe Sid will be able to assist you then!