Cannot get metadata after login by google email

I am using laravel sdk with Auth0
Normally , when i login by username and password , i can get metadata like this :
array:11 [▼” => {#539
+“id”: “0010w00000d77VKAAY”
+“name”: “小学6年 保護者”
+“service”: array:1 [:arrow_forward:]
+“role”: array:1 [:arrow_forward:]
+“smartstudy_userid”: “”
+“smartstudy_serviceid”: “”
+“smastapassplain”: “”
+“ksystem_id”: “”
+“ksystempassplain”: “”
+“chappiss_userid”: “oya11”
+“chappiss_pass_plain”: “12345”
+“chappiss_pass_hash”: “827ccb0eea8a706c4c34a16891f84e7b”
+“family01”: “0010w00000d77W4AAI”
+“family02”: “0010w00000d77W5AAI”
+“family03”: “0010w00000d77W6AAI”
+“family04”: “0010w00000d77W7AAI”
+“family05”: “0010w00000d77W8AAI”
+“schoolname”: “”
“nickname” => “小学6年 保護者”
“name” => “小学6年 保護者”
“picture” => “
“updated_at” => “2021-10-19T12:04:43.895Z”
“iss” => “
“sub” => “auth0|0010w00000d77VKAAY”
“aud” => “y5Wo6G7fNZgWawJyqjs0w5PAOt8o613V”
“iat” => 1634645089
“exp” => 1634681089
“nonce” => “be0028cf46ec34955357f1653069ef7d”
But when i tried to login by google email ( google-oauth2), it not return array with key
So i get error message : Undefined index:
How can i fix this issue ?

Hey there!

Can I ask you to raise it as a GitHub issue in our Laravel repo here so we can address that directly with the repo maintainers? Thank you!

Once you have a link to the issue you can share it with us here so we can ping repo maintainers.