Cannot GET /android/{app ID}/callback


We can’t seem to get our login flow working with Android App Links. There are a few posts on this forum that raise this issue, but the only solutions I’ve seen thus far are “just use Android deep links (i.e. custom URL schemes) instead of app links”. Of course, for a number of reasons (security being one of them), this is not a viable solution for us.

We’re using the Auth0.Android library (v1.20.1) and are trying to get the login flow working with Android App Links. We’ve set up a Native App through the Auth0 Dashboard and followed the Android Quick Start. We were able to get login working when using regular Android deep links (in other words, using a custom URL scheme like demo, which is used in the Quick Start guide). However, when we try to use a deep link (with an HTTPS URL) we get a 404 and an error message Cannot GET /android/{our app ID}/callback when redirected to https://<our-domain>/android/<our-app-ID>/callback after logging in.

My best guess is that somehow domain verification is failing, but we’ve checked that our Android App ID and SHA256 key hash in our application config are correct, so I’m out of ideas. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @bruno.bachmann, welcome!

What’s your Auth0 tenant name? You can DM it if you prefer.

Hi @nicolas_sabena,

We seem to be having a similar issue, has a solution ever been found to this?