Cannot Authenticate and get user data using Auth0

I am using auth0 to authenticate my web client and get the user data. But after Logging in the page redirects back to login page and the cookies are not set. I am also getting the following warning in console.

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Can you show us your implementation? Code snippets are great.

I am attaching few screenshots…apparently I am using auth0-lock to authenticate using auth0 and when I type the username and password the page is supposed to redirect to the dashboards page…but instead it gets back to login page. And when I checked auth0 logs for the user, it shows Success Silent Auth. The funny things is that we have not changed anything and before it was working fine. And I am also getting the same site attribute issue in the console which blocks few of Auth0 cookies. I am redirecting the user to a localhost link as the project is still under devlopement.

Screenshot from 2020-09-17 14-03-25

The samesite warnings are probably just a cookie that is sent for compatibility. You can inspect your cookies and should see a did (with samesite:none) and a did_compat cookie that is causing the warning. You can ignore this.

Can you send me a HAR of the transaction in a DM

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