Can we localise password reset screen and messages


How can we localise (different language) this screen? We localise the password reset email using LIQUID syntax where we check user.user_metadata.lang.
How can we do similar stuff here?


It looks like you are using the classic universal login experience, is that correct?

If so, you can customize the language dictionary by going to Branding > Universal Login and clicking the Password Reset tab. You can access the user’s language in the template with "{{lang}}".

Thanks for the reply.

We are using the Management API to reset user’s password.

Also how can we set the user’s language in Auth0 using API?

The template configured in Branding > Universal Login > Password Reset will be used if the password reset is initiated via the Management API.

The lang variable is based on the user agent in the browser when the user clicks the link from the email and navigates to the reset page.

Would you need to specify a different language other than what the lang info the browser would send?


The use case is, the mobile app allows users to switch languages for some of the markets.
The mobile app connects to Auth0 indirectly via the backend server.
So the app will send the locale/lang when user says he wants to reset password. So this locale/lang will not be same as that of Browser’s.
Currently in the password reset email, we are using the “locale” field stored in user_metadata.
But instead of we can supply as a parameter in the Auth0 API call itself which we can use in the template, and in this password reset page, any success/error messages that would be great.