Can not logout of new tenant

We have 3 tenants. 2 work fine - but the newest we can not logout of.
When a user clicks “signout” we take them to a new page that runs this:


Redirect happens flawlessly - but the user is never logged out, and the logs in auth0 never show a logout.
help. Ideas? Suggestions?

Hi @bill2,

Are you using a clone of an existing application? Can you please post the code you use to logout, and DM me your tenant names?


Hi Dan,
This has been addressed by support inside my account. SSO was (is on all new tenants) enabled. They opened the flag inside the account so I could enable or disable (which is usually hidden - which makes no sense to me) as needed. The code used to logout is in my original post…

Glad you figured it out.


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