Can Auth0 do this?

I have an WordPress website and also a backend app running Nodejs, can I use Auth0 service to connect website and app to same user db in auth0 and no matter where the user sign up he need to be able to login in the into the other app for example, nodejs app even he signed up in the wordpress site for example and vice versa.?

hi @crudfunc and thanks for reaching out!

Without knowing all the particulars of what this would entail it’s hard to say for certain, but I believe you could achieve what you’re after with Auth0. This would involve using Auth0 for authentication with your Wordpress site and your Node application. On the Wordpress side you’d use our plugin described here:

Your Node application would have to be modeled in Auth0 as a Regular Web Application(RWA) and would share the same connection as your Wordpress site. More info on RWA’s here:

Your Wordpress and Node application would need to use the same connection (DB, Social, Enterprise etc.) but this would allow a user who signs up on your Node App to be able to use those credentials to log into your Wordpress site if configured correctly.

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