Calling the Auth0 service logs me back in

I’m trying to make an SPA using Angular, but I’ve noticed whenever I call AuthService for anything, it will forcibly log me back in using my last credentials. Therefore, I have no way of staying logged out unless I remove all pre-load checks.

For example, I put this on my OnInit so it redirects to the main page if the user isn’t logged in:

this.auth.user$.subscribe(data => {
if(!data) this.router.navigate([’/’]);
err => {
console.log(“You are not logged in!”)

Whenever I refresh the page after logging out, this runs and logs me back in whenever it runs this piece of code.

I tried other methods in AuthService like ‘isAuthenticated$’ or ‘getAccessTokenSilently()’, but the result is the same.

I want to be able to log out and stay logged out while still being able to check authentication. Please help with this issue.