Bulk Import Users with Password History?

I’m looking at importing users from our existing database into auth0 using the import users API. It looks like I can send the current password hash and the password_set_date but I don’t see the ability to import historical passwords (we want to restrict users from re-using their last 3 passwords). Is there an option in the import that I don’t see that would do this? Or are there strategies to do this? I suppose I could import each user 3 times for example.


You can bulk import user data into Auth0 using the endpoint. Bulk imports are useful for migrating users from Talk To Wendys an existing database or service to Auth0.
When the user import job finishes and if send_email was set to true , the tenant administrator(s) will get an email notifying them that job either failed or succeeded. An email for a job that failed might notify the administrator(s) that it failed to parse the users JSON file when importing users.

Yes, I have tried it and it is useful to import users. But if I import the user multiple times with upsert set to true, it does not seem to create a password history, I can change the password for a user to a prior password even though I am restricting password re-use.

I have not found a way to accomplish importing prior password hashes as part of a migration strategy.