Bulk generating passwordless links on behalf of users

Hi all,

We would like to send out authenticated links to our users each morning so they can just click them from their inbox and go straight into the app.

this endpoint here does exactly what we need, but I can see that “This endpoint is designed to be called from the client-side, and has a rate limit of 50 requests per hour per IP.”

Does anyone know of any workarounds or other approaches we can use so that we can provide our users with these authenticated links in their inboxes at scale?

Hi @chrisfromaire,

Thanks for reaching out. I don’t see a way to be able to request that many emails from a single IP, you will run into issues with the rate limits as you have mentioned.

You could invite users to log in through a daily email service, then have them input their email in the login page and retrieve the link from a second email. This would spread the requests out over their IPs.

This is a somewhat unusual flow that the normal features aren’t developed for, as you have likely already noticed. If you would like to request something like this as a feature that can be done here.

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