Bug report: Application Login URI is ignored in new universal experience


  • “New” universal login experience
  • Node.js, TypeScript with “auth0”: “^2.35.0”,
  • Creating a password reset ticket through Management API
const passwordChangeTicketOptions: PasswordChangeTicketParams = {
  result_url: process.env.BASE_URL,
  user_id: userId,
  mark_email_as_verified: true

const { ticket } = await this.managementClient.createPasswordChangeTicket(passwordChangeTicketOptions);

The problem:

I have multiple applications and can’t set single Tenant Login URI for all of them, so I have a few questions to you:

  1. Can you take into account Application Login URI and not only Tenant Login URI for the Back button after password reset?
  2. Can you automatically redirect user after password reset? Why Back button?
  3. Can you take into account result_url parameter passed to the createPasswordChangeTicket() for the new universal login?

The problem has been reported and described many times, e.g. here Password reset ticket: result_url for new universal login experience

I’ve seen that diagram with all possible redirect options but it doesn’t solve the problem: Why is password change/reset redirect not working?