Blocked Account

I’m going through a tutorial on Angular 8 and I needed to secure the app with Auth0. I’ve successfully created a new application on my dashboard page and I used the Domain and Client ID on my practice app. When I click on the Login button on my app, I was redirected to the Auth0 Login. After providing my login details, I got the message about blocked account.

Could someone help? Thanks

Hey there @chrek!

Could you share with us more details about it? Some screenshot with the error message, link to tutorial you are using etc. This way it will be easier for us to debug it!

Tutorial: Creating Beautiful Apps with Angular Material
See attached pdf for screenshots
About-Tutorial.pdf (167.5 KB)

Thank you a lot for providing that context! Let me dig into it and get back to you soon!

Are you sure you’ve been putting on the right credentials? Can I ask you one more thing? Would you be able to record me a HAR file of the whole flow so we can see what is happening behind the scenes of the browser? Here’s a guide how to do that:

Once you have it, send it back to me via private message! Thank you!

Hey there! :slight_smile:

Have you had a chance to see my previous message?