Blazor (server) doesn't get role in id_token

Hi there,
I’m creating a server side blazor website and registered Auth0SDK as follows:

I try to get the auth0 user roles into the id_token. But I don’t have any roles neither an empty claim inside the token / claims

var token = await httpContext.GetTokenAsync("id_token");

JWT Content looks like this:

I added rules with both tutorials and both doesn’t work:
Sample Use Cases: Rules with Authorization1lzegcxrollup_ga*MjE4MTExODg4LjE2NDAyNjQxNzg.rollup_ga_F1G3E656YZMTY0MDYwMjg5NS43LjEuMTY0MDYxMjE1NS40Mw…#add-user-roles-to-tokens
Auth0 ASP.NET Core v2.1 SDK Quickstarts: Authorization

My rule looks like this:

Clicking on “Try all rules with…” and testing the rule I get the It Works! Page and the rule looks fine.

Did anyone know where I have a problem?

Thank you in advance