Blank page on email link click

I use React passwordless email popUp via @auth0/auth0-react library, useAuth0 hook and Auth0Provider component to work with Auth0

Url setup

My Auth0 provider (wraps the App)

Redirect result

So, I got a blank page, instead of EntitiesPage (by origin link localhost:8080)

Could you, please, help me to figure it out?

Hi @Max2,

Could you provide the code where you are initiating the popup (loginWithPopup) to help troubleshoot this? Thank you!

Here is!

App routing

root js file

Hi @Max2,

This code looks good. Have you tried temporarily switching to the New Universal Login to see if it might be a Universal Login customization that me causing this?

Inside this section I have:

Here i have original template with no changes.

In other tubs I have evrything turned off.

I’m having some trouble recreating this issue. If you clone this fork of the React quickstart (creating a auth_config.json file), are you seeing the error?: GitHub - schamblee-auth0/auth0-react-samples: Auth0 Integration Samples for React Applications

In days, I’ll try it and give you know.

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