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Bitbucket social and accessing bitbucket APIs

So, I’ve gone through the quickstart for connecting a Bitbucket app to my social connection in Auth0. Verified that that works and I have authenticated using Bitbucket. I started going through the React Quickstart so that I can authenticate that way and it appears to work properly.

What I am unclear on is how to use the authentication I just made using Auth0 to make a connection to the Bitbucket v2 API ( Of course their API uses OAuth2 so I tried submitting the accessToken I got back from Auth0 but that repeatedly tells me that it is expired and I need a new one even after just having logged in and gotten a brand new one (span of maybe 15 - 20 seconds).

I’m attempting to test this through Postman and grabbing the access token from my React and pasting it in as the Access Token and as the Bearer Token.

Just not sure if I’m using the right bit of data or I need to do something else here.

Thank you!

Oh, looks like this article may actually be my answer (it’s Github but similar problem). Accessing GitHub API
Or, I just found this as well which may work:

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