Baddomain API returns -1 for trusted domain

We have been using auth0 signals API to query for bad domains. The baddomain is returning overall scores of -1 for a sender that we are sure is trusted.

My understanding is that 0 is good and the more negative the value, the less trustable the domain is. Is there some documentation that describes what is -1 vs -2 vs -3 in terms of risk?

Also, what actions does the owner of a blacklisted domain need to do to get out of the black lists?

Hi there @intellx-it and welcome to the Community!

I will look into this subject and I will let you know what I find. Thanks!

@intellx-it after talking with the team it sounds like the domain is likely legit, but use a mail provider that is denylisted. If you can send the domain by DM we can investigate the situation and take action as needed. Thanks!

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