Avocado Labs Livestream: Why and How We Built Auth0 Marketplace

Presentation: Why and How We Built Auth0 Marketplace
Join us on Monday, October 5th as we talk about our strategy behind building the Auth0 Marketplace and the opportunity it delivers. We’ll share industry insights into the global trends of Ecosystems and Marketplace as well as technical decisions we made that are unique to Auth0. In this talk you will learn:

  • How to use Auth0 Marketplace to discover solutions unique to your identity needs
  • Insights into Ecosystem and Marketplace strategies
  • What we plan to do next

Presenter: Josh Cunningham
Company: Auth0
Job Title: Senior Engineer, Ecosystem
Presenter Bio:
Josh has been working on the web since 2007 as an engineer, designer, strategist, user interface consultant, team lead, project manager, and product builder. He’s been working IRL since 2010 as a husband and since 2013 as a dad. At Auth0, Josh co-leads the Marketplace engineering team and partner technical support teams working to make it easy to integrate with our platform.

Presenter: Darin LaFramboise
Company: Auth0
Job Title: Principal PM, Ecosystem
Presenter Bio:
Darin joined Auth0 in March 2020 as the Principal Product Manager for Ecosystem. He has been in tech for about 12 years now, starting in the e-commerce side in analytics and making his way to enterprise SaaS products. He has a passion for platform ecosystems, a level playing field where someone with a good idea and some working knowledge of code can turn any idea into a sustainable means of income.

Presenter: Shafiq Shivji
Company: Auth0
Job Title: Product Marketing Manager
Presenter Bio:
A creative Product, Marketing, and Sales Engineering leader with a track record of conceiving and implementing successful marketing/sales strategies and leading product development processes throughout their lifecycles to launch cloud and mobile solutions that meet emerging business needs in highly competitive markets and industries.

Join us October 5th at 9am PST!

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