Avocado Labs Livestream: Community hour

Avocado Labs is a way to keep people connected online and have access to quality content. We will have an hour to discuss the topics that you care about most. All you need to do is bring a drink and your questions to be involved. Everyone is welcome!


Bring your Auth0 developer support questions!

In this episode we will be answering your developer support questions. To do so we have our Community Lead, Jim Morrison and our Regional support manager for Americas, Jose Antonio Rey! So you know what to do… bring a drink and bring your questions!


Jim Morrison

Community Lead - Auth0

Jim is a collaborative developer who leads the Auth0 Community team and is powered by delivering value to others. He enjoys strategic planning and the motorsport of drifting. An avid reader and always open to new book recommendations.

Jose Antonio Rey

Regional Support Manager, Americas - Auth0

Previously a Sr. Developer Support Engineer, and a former member of the Ubuntu Community Council, Jose has a passion for planes and traveling. Curious by nature, Jose loves learning about anything and everything, so don’t hesitate on sending some curious facts his way!

Join us on August 31st 2020 at 18:00 CEST/ 09:00 PST!


Thanks for everyone that was able to join us yesterday!

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