Avocado Labs Livestream: API Authentication Best Practices

Presentation: API Authentication Best Practices

At Zapier we integrate with over 2,500 different APIs with our developer platform. Over the years I’ve been exposed to some really great and not so great examples of APIs and share what some of the best practices are with regards to API Design, Authentication and features that make people excited to integrate with them.

Presenter: James R Carr
Company: Zapier
Job Title: Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Presenter Bio:
James was the first engineering hire at Zapier and over the past several years has held quite a variety of roles as both an engineer and a manager, building up the DevOps culture from scratch. When not building great tools that keeps Zapier running smoothly, James enjoys cycling, traveling and studying Mahayana Buddhism.

Join us September 15th at 9am PST!

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