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I have two questions here:

  1. On various pages the auth0 admin interface, it tells me that I need to upgrade to be able to take advantage of certain features, however it allows me to enable these features without upgrading.

    An example of this is Adaptive MFA. It says that this is an add-on and that I should contact sales to use it, however it allows me to enable it and save the changes without contacting sales.

    This confusion in messaging is mainly evident in the new '‘Security’ section of the admin that was added a few months back.

    Please could you clarify what all these messages are for if we are able to enable the feature on the current plan?

  2. On Pricing - Auth0 it makes it clear that certain features are available on a given plan, however when you look at https://manage.auth0.com/dashboard/us/*******/tenant/billing/subscription after you have signed up, it then says these feature are not available for that plan.

    As an example ‘Suspicious IP Throttling’ is show as being present on all plans (including the free plan) at Pricing - Auth0 So once you have signed up and view the plans under the subscription tab does it say that this feature is only available under the developer pro plan? (Please see the attached screen shots as this inconsistency is present on many features)

    Please could you clarify this further and also confirm that you have not removed functionality that your sign-up page at Pricing - Auth0 made clear was available at on a given plan?


Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that, let me reach out to appropriate product manager to learn more about it!

@konrad.sopala Just to make sure that you’ve seen both questions here. I’ve just updated this ticket with a second question after spotting further in-constancies.

Thanks for looking into this.

Thanks for doing that!

Hi @konrad.sopala

Have you received a response from the product manager with any clarificatory here?


@konrad.sopala It’s been 2 weeks now since this was raised, are you in a position to be able to provide some further information on this please?

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay. Not yet let me reping them!

Hey there!

Sorry that you needed to wait for so long but finally got the update from our Product team.

  1. We are beginning our work to alert customers to paid features in our product and the first step is to make them aware which of our features are paid. As our alerting and limiting strategy evolves we will enable different levels of alerts and limits to best align with the customer journey. For example, allowing customers to turn on a feature that they know is paid allows them to continue development and experiment with a feature, but also aligns expectations for when we contact them about that features usage. This is an on-going journey that still has a lot of development that is needed.

  2. Suspicious IP throttling is available on all current plans. We have recently initiated an entitlements service that tracks plans and entitlements for a given plan and plan version. IE if we release new plans, we may not include entitlements to all new features/functionalities unless you have migrated to the latest plan types.

One last thing to add, the most recent will update the reference from the pricing page to the subscription page so that customers can see their specific entitlements.

Thanks for the details @konrad.sopala

What you have said is reassuring, especially you grandfathering older plan functionality.

This however does still leave me with the question: Do I have any features enabled that are not included in my subscribed plan?

If it’s easier to answer these via email, please do, but two follow up questions:

  1. I’ve paid for 3 subscriptions, Dev, Sandbox and Production. Can I check that all of these are on the same version of the developer plan? (and therefore have the same functionality grandfathered)
  2. Looking specifically at the account ending in ‘-dev’ are there any features enabled here which are not included in the subscribed plan allowance? (And therefore having the same functionality enabled on the other two environment accounts will also be within plan limits)


@konrad.sopala Are you able to provide answers to the above two questions and confirm that I am within the plan limits please?