Automatically expire social login profiles


We currently only need a social connection for login to acquire a session, then do not need long term storage of this user data in Auth0. I noticed this information is being stored for some duration of time after we’ve done the token validation after a Google authentication.

For GDPR, it’s best if we don’t store this information if we don’t need to. The User Profiles ( help docs refers to this as a “cache”. Does the user profile invalidate after some period of time? Is there a way to configure it to do so?


Hello, @branden,

No, user profiles remain in Auth0 until the user is deleted. Unfortunately, this is not something that we support at the moment. You would have to program some sort of cleanup job in order to do this programmatically, leveraging our Management API v2.

I recommend, however, that you reach out to our Product team, letting them know about this suggestion! You can contact them directly at