Autologin into .net application after login into Angular webapp with Auth0

hi all,
i have a webapp made with Angular that uses the Auth0 Login.
the webapp communicate with a .net program to get and set data to a database.
the .net program has a login with username and password to use his functions and communicate to the database.
My idea is to use the JWT token of the user logged into the webapp via Auth0 to autologin him into the .net program but i can’t find any guide on how to do it.
One thing i’ve found is the nuGet packet “Auth0.AuthenticationApi” but i can’t find anything on how to use it to parse and check the JWT.
Another thing i’ve found is the “Opaque access token” but i can’t find anything about this too.
What could i do?
thank you all!

Hi @vittorioc

Welcome to the Auth0 Community.

We have some information here as to how you might validate an Access Token using .NET

Also if you’re finding the Access Token is opaque then you need to ensure you are specifying an audience when you call /authorize and this will return a JWT, see here for a sample /authorize request that passes in an audience

Warm regards.

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