Authzero - An Auth0 Command Line Interface

I was going to wait until I had a chance to expand this a bit more, and clean it up (I’m a complete newb at TypeScript / JavaScript / nodejs) but haven’t had much chance to work on it lately. If only I didn’t have to work for a living…

A command line interface for Auth0, using TypeScript, oclif, node.js, and node-auth0:

$ authzero --help
Auth0 Command Line Interface

  authzero/0.0.0 darwin-x64 node-v11.6.0

  $ authzero [COMMAND]

  client      Get client (application) settings.
  connection  Get connection settings.
  help        display help for authzero
  rule        Get rule.
  tenant      Get tenant settings.
  user        Get profile for specificed user.


Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of community! :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t2:

@markd - Nice work!! I literally just put this down as something I wanted to make this week. Same combination too, oclif + Node SDK. I’ll give this a try soon and put through a few PRs for what I’d like to use it for.

:tada: :tada: :tada:

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Thanks @josh.cunningham. Happy to have the help … I can write some passable Python, and I’m accustomed to Pythonic semantics, while TypeScript and friends are new and foreign. If nothing else I know I have a lot of duplication between the individual command module files that could probably use a refactor.

Typescript is on the “to learn” list so this will be a good excuse :+1:

Hi @markd,

We’ve been reviewing “Show Your Auth0” topics to share on the #Auth0Community Twitter account, and this command line tool is very cool!

Would it be alright if we tag you and share this in an upcoming tweet? It would be great to share this project with our followers! If you’re fine with that please reply with your Twitter handle in the thread.

Thanks again for sharing with the Community!

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Hi @stephanie.chamblee,

You are certainly welcome to do that! I haven’t touched the project in quite a while, but I do plan to start working on it again sometime soon.



Thank you @markd! That sounds great!

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