/authorize - ADDITIONAL_PARAMETERS - Custom Social Connections

Hi all,
i’m trying to make an authorize request with ADDITIONAL_PARAMETERS that will be send to the Custom Social Connections with the following url:
i’m getting from the provider that i have missing params. but i can’t tell which params auth0 is sending to him and what are the values due to the facts this info is missing from logs…
any ideas ? tips ?

If you access the /authorize URL in a browser you will be able to use the browser network tools to see the subsequent request (redirect) issued by the Auth0 service to the respective social provider. In this request you will be able to confirm exactly which parameters are being sent by Auth0 to the social provider.

You can have some control over the parameters sent to upstream OAuth 2.0 social provider by leveraging the upstream parameters functionality (https://auth0.com/docs/connections/pass-parameters-to-idps).