Authorization Extension API


I’m using the Authorization Extension API.

The first operation I’m doing is to get all roles. It is possible to filter the roles associated with a specific application? At the momenti the API return all the avaible roles.

Moreover using the .net library “Auth0.ManagementApi” the roles had null id because of the JSONConverter is set to “id” while the API return “_id” property. It run with standard API (not Authorization Extension) but the standard roles do not allow many applications.

I’m wrong in somethingor there are some limitation?

Thank you

Hi @alerinaldi81,

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If you are just beginning to implement your Auth0 solution, I would recommend using Core RBAC vs the Authorization Extension.

You can get a single role with this endpoint, but it doesn’t look possible to filter them.

The roles assosciated with the management API are the Core RBAC roles, a seperate feature from the extension. I don’t think you would be able to get your extension roles

Hope this clears things up,

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