Authentication Parameters for Xamarin

Good morning - I’m working on modifying our Xamarin iOS Application to authenticate using Auth0. We’ve successfully modified our WinForms solution already. Within our WinForms solution we are sending the Login URL some additional parameters to populate information that represents which customers database to authenticate with. Is there something with in the Auth0Client namespace to send additional parameters? I need to find out how to send these additional parameters to the Login URL. Below are screen shots. I need to populate the Connection drop down values within the Auth0 Xamarin components.

I’m using the Auth0.OIDCClient.iOS version 3.1.2


I’d like to populate the Connection drop down with values that we’ve designed in our Login Page.

The LoginAsync should accept an additional parameters argument that you can use ( and just pass a string dictionary with any additional parameters that should be sent as part of the login request.