Authenticating a Nodejs App and a Singe Page js Application with one login

Hi guys, i’ve been looking in the documentation for approaches to this issue of using one login to into both application. The application works as such:

localhost:3000/login is where i would do the initial login

Then localhost:3000 when authenticated is the home page or dashboard that will become visible and acts as access to the other single page applications. One instance would be for example localhost/virtualtour/application_1. This is being access via xamp because its a virtual tour application that is built using another framework, that was built without the need for an express server. But now we want to have a layer of authentication for our clients needs.

(The Nodejs app will be hosted on heroku and the client app will be on our clients’ server, so we can’t package them together)

// The Behaviour we want
So we have the main login screen at localhost:3000/login, but if someone tries to access the application from localhost/virtualtour/application_1, if they didn’t login in at localhost:3000/login, it would redirect to the localhost:3000/login, otherwise stay on localhost/virtualtour/application_1.

Currently this isn’t working for the application, as it just keeps redirecting me to localhost:3000.

I’ve setup two individual Auth0 applications one for the Nodejs app and another for the JS application.
The first part on the Nodejs app works but not the JS application.

I Hope someone can shine a light on the step that i might be missing and if any other information is needed, I can provide code snippits.

Also to add, my implementation is similar to the quickstart implementation guide as a start.

Many thanks.