Auth0's Unsubscribe policy pisses me off

Hey Auth0. I’m putting this open letter to you on your support forums, because you have no public e-mail address listed, and the e-mail I got from you is a no-reply.

This is the unsubscribe policy that I just found in a marketing e-mail sent to me from you:

“You are receiving this message because you are an administrator of an Auth0 tenant. If you no longer wish to receive important account notifications such as this one, you may delete your account or ask another administrator to remove you at any time.”

So, I surmise by this that if I want to have an Auth0 tenant, I must receive your spam, too. Forcing your users to receive spam? That’s very annoying. Intentionally annoying your users is not a great sign to them that they should keep using your products.

Or is it that your developers find it exceptionally difficult to figure out how unsubscribe functions work? Surely they must be able to figure it out, seeing as the law requires you to support it for unsolicited messages. But since this is a message to “[your] existing customers or anyone who has inquired about [your] products or services”, you don’t have to include an unsubscribe link. Which you’re clearly aware of.

That’s why it’s so much worse that you didn’t include an unsub link in this e-mail. You know that somebody wants to unsubscribe - you included instructions about it in the e-mail! - but you don’t want them to unsubscribe, so you’re going to make it as annoying as humanly possible for them to do it. This says a lot about what you think about your users.

I think it’s only fair that I return the favor by marking this e-mail as spam. I can only hope that my mail provider receives enough of these that they immediately get filtered out of other users’ mailboxes.


Hi there @throwaway2374827. I apologize for the poor experience you’ve recently encountered within our tenant admin emails. We are looking into this as a priority to change our templates and add an unsubscribe facility. Reality is that there is no reason why we would not allow our users to opt-out, particularly to general communication. We really do appreciate your feedback and please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

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