Auth0 with Vue js

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I used auth0 with modern SDK and I use auth with Vue js to build my single-page app. it work fine but when I refresh my page I lost login icon and logout what is this error, please i upload my problem in youtube this link

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Can you let us know what doc / quickstart you are following so we can try to debug it or contact its maintainers to solve your hurdle? Thank you!

I used this quickstart

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Thanks for providing that link. Can I ask you open a GitHub issue in the quickstart repo here:

so we can work on that with the quickstart maintainer. That will be the most effective in order to get rid of your hurdle quickly. Make sure to share the link to the issue here with us so we can ping the quickstart maintainer.

Have you had a chance to see my previous message?

Ping ping friendly ping :slight_smile:

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