Auth0 with ClojureScript

Jeff Terrell created an amazing ClojureScript + Auth0 integration, and I wanted to share it with everyone in the community.

This is a ClojureScript port of our JavaScript Spa sample (auth0-javascript-samples/01-Login at master · auth0-samples/auth0-javascript-samples · GitHub)

The code and README can be found at Jeff Terrell / Auth0 example in Clojurescript and re-frame · GitLab while a deployed site can be found at

This ClojureScript Spa is designed for simplicity while still maintaining real functionality. It offers more robust error handling and automatic login redirection when going to the /profile path, which will correctly go back to /profile after logging in rather than the root path.

Further features include:

  • Authentication implementation contained in a single namespace, with a minimal interface to access Auth0 functionality.
  • Protected pages automatically redirect to login page, then back to that page after successful authentication.
  • Refresh works on any page.
  • User profile data is fetched and displayed, including the Gravatar for the email address.
  • Auth errors are caught and displayed. (Try blocking the /token URL in the browser dev tools.)

I hope other members of the community find this useful, and big thank you to Jeff for creating this!

Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community David!