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Hi Auth0 community!

I’d like to show you what we’ve been working on at Yieldr to automate the configuration of Auth0 using Terraform, keeping true to discipline of treating infrastructure as code. To support this, we’ve built an Auth0 Management SDK for Go as well.

You can find the provider here:

The tool is not 100% complete yet, but you can see which resources are supported in the README. It comes with plenty of tests!

We’d love your feedback and/or contributions!


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Doing things like this is really interesting. I’ve not fully taken a look at the entire repo, but I will say that this is something many people ask about. It would be awesome for you to follow up with a blog post showcasing what you’ve done.


This is awesome!

I was beginning to build my own at, but you’ve gone past what I have.

The one thing I’d love to see is if you could include binaries in your releases, rather than relying on users to build it themselves; Go is kind of a pain to work with if you’re not using it, so it’s something of a learning curve for folks who just want a handy Auth0 provider.

You’re welcome to take my file and tweak as appropriate.


Hi Dan,

Goreleaser does look pretty valuable and straightforward to use. There’s a PR in at the moment doing this in wercker but perhaps we can motivate goreleaser as a better approach?

Much appreciated and thanks for the help so far!



Alex, this looks very nice, good job!

We use terraform a lot in Auth0 and I’ve been always tempted to write a provider for Auth0 itself but my skills in go are weak :smile:

Thank you for sharing this


Thanks Jose, would love to hear your feedback!