Auth0 SSO not working on IE 11

Hi there

We are facing in an issue when we login from an application A with the Auth0. It makes a session with Auth0 and redirects to another app B; also connected with Auth0. This is happening on single browser. Our expectation is that we login with application A and when we get redirect to B, we don’t have to login again. Both of these apps use the same “Username-Password-Connection” on Auth0.

This flow is working fine in all the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) but not on IE 11.
In case of IE 11, when we redirect to app B after login with Auth0 from app A, it takes us back to Auth0 login page instead of taking us to app B landing page. The issue is also infrequent. Sometimes, on the first attempt, you will find the expected behaviour and the user is able to land on the app B’s landing page. At the same time, when you go the app A URL, it will take you the Auth0 login page.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happing for IE 11?

App A: Drupal with auth0
App B: React with Auth0 (Auth0-spa-js)

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.