Auth0-spa-js 'Login required' error on getTokenSilently in incognito mode

  • Which SDK this is regarding: @auth0/auth0-spa-js
  • SDK Version: 1.13.0
  • Platform Version: Ubuntu 20.04.2 / Chrome 91.0.4472.114 64-bit / Node 12.2.0
  • Code Snippets/Error Messages/Supporting Details/Screenshots:

I’m developing SPA using @auth0/auth0-spa-js library and ran into a problem.

I have several applications on one tenant and a custom domain for the login page. When I try to call client.getTokenSilently in incognito browser mode on an application whose root domain (secondLevelDomain.firstLevelDomain) is different from the domain of the custom login page, I get an error - Error: Login required. It is not reproduced in non-incognito mode or in incognito mode on another application whose domain matches the domain of the page login. I also rechecked the problem in Firefox and on SDK version 1.17.1, it’s reproducing.

Is there some kind of solution to this problem?

I know about the possibility of using several tenants, but according to a task I need the ability to authorize from one account to several applications.

Is this a feature request or bug report? Not sure it’s a bug