Auth0 social login/signup is not working(displaying dialog) on safari mac,(Technology: React Js )

This is my issue and it is even not displaying the dialog of social login in which I kept Gmail , Facebook and LinkedIN.

It is working fine in Chrome, and mozila browsers.

Could anyone help me out from this problem?
Problem is occurring for only safari browser…
Thanks in Advance

My Safari version: 13.1.2
My Mac Version: 10.15.6 Mac OS Catalina

I feel like Safari is the most troublesome browser. We’re receiving those from time to time. Can you share the link to the stack of ours that you’re using?

@konrad.sopala. Thanks for replying.
I cannot share the link. Below is the complete description of the issue I am facing.
While logging from gmail for the second time, the Auth0 dialog page does not open and it redirects to the home page of the application. But if I clear the history completely then it shows the Auth0’s Dialog to choose for the available Social Login
Can you clarify whose side’s this bug belongs to (Auth0, Node.js or React.js).

But I need more details about how you implemented it from the Auth0 side of things that’s why I’m asking for some link that you used for implementation