Auth0 shiny application : failed to fetch user profile

Hi, I setup an ubunto 20.4 server to host a shiny app. I follwed the instructions from Adding Authentication to Shiny Server in 4 Simple Steps and followed instrucitons from Auth0 Node.js SDK Quickstarts: Login

The setup was tested and work 100%, but when I updated the shiny app to login and retrieve the user information I am presented with a blank page stating " failed to fetch user profile".

Also followed the updates from - Error: failed to fetch user profile - #8 by art.rosnovsky, but no luck.

The Login and Authorization exchange is successful. But is happens several time after one another for users before the call back page is displayed, not sure if this should happen…

If I look at the HAR file I also get an error “500 (Internal Server Error)”

Any ideas or help as to why this is happening will be appreciated.